If you would like more information about our Facebook Ministry, contact: Ellen Murray and Sandy Pineault at: facebook@ stfrancisyulee.org

Our St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church Facebook page serves as a rapid means of communication of Parish and Diocesan events. It also is a means of evangelization keeping parishioners aware of international and national issues important to us as Catholics in today’s world. Editors Sandy Pineault and Ellen work closely with all the ministries for accurate up to the date information in today’s world of social media.

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A message from our beloved St. Francis Facebook editors: 

“To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven….” Eccl. 3:1

There is a time when God calls us to our own special ministry, whispering a call to our hearts. Four years ago, when St. Francis of Assisi was just stretching out into its ministry, this Facebook page was founded. It was established by another parishioner and shortly thereafter Sandy Pineault took it on as editor until two years later Ellen Murray came on board and a team was born. Since those early years we have worked with it, raised it up with more and more posts and photographs as our dear Parish grew up. It is a ministry that has meant a great deal to us as it was supported by many both in the Parish and out.

Now the season of our time is passing. The time has come for others to answer the call to this Ministry. As of January 1, 2018, we both are retiring. A team is the answer to this ministry, two or three persons who are at least familiar with the Facebook process and with a willingness to share both the Word of the Lord and the special moments in our Parish life. The evangelization of Social Media is exciting and rewarding, to which we can attest. This has been a great privilege. 

Bear in mind the words of the Lord, “Do Not be Afraid.” We know that those who answer this call with do so with their own experience and ideas. That is exciting and healthy for us all – one generation handing on the torch to another

This is an opportunity for spiritual growth unlike any other. There are many resources available to help you. It only requires a sensitivity to the Catholic message and love for others. Come, talk to us or to Father Rafal and see if it speaks your own calling back to you. The hours are flexible, the pay is poor, the satisfaction is great. A good way to stretch your wings…. 


Sandra Pineault and Ellen Murray



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