When I was a little girl there was not one single decoration in our house on Christmas Eve. The tree was on the back porch. There were no lights – no ornaments – nothing. I put out cookies for Santa and my parents shuffled me off to bed. When I ran downstairs in the morning, our entire home glittered with with lights, ornaments, and decorations. The manger was on the mantel. The tree was covered with lights and tinsel and towered over piles of brightly wrapped gifts. There would be a fire in the fireplace. Santa did all this whilst we all slept. We would go to Mass and then come home to the Christmas feast which Santa had also seen to. It was magical to say the least, but, it was not magic as I learned when I grew older. All the beautiful, festive ambiance was not the work of mythical elves, but of two, by then, exhausted parents. So it is with all the light and beauty you were greeted by as you walked through the Narthex and into the Church. The human elves were very busy Sunday morning. While numerous elves decorated our beautiful Church, others prepared for Jesus’s birthday party, and still others made sure there would be gifts for our children and joyful music with which to celebrate the birth of Our Lord. We have indeed been blessed during this most holy season and are grateful to all the “elves” who helped to make it so. Merry Christmas and May God Bless All!


“Mary Did You Know” by Pentatonix (Album: That’s Christmas)

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