Because of You, We Will Meet Our Mission

For more information on Fundraising, contact Wayne Munson at:


St. Francis is Selling an Antique Emerson Piano

A classic antique piano produced by the Emerson Piano Co., Boston, MA dates to Circa 1890-1920. This is a Grand Piano featuring an added Pianocorder (cassettes). The design reflects the Italian Renaissance period with carved legs of Quartersawn maple. Appraised with a market value of $30,000, the Emerson is excess to the needs of St. Francis and must be sold. It is in excellent playing condition but will need tuning. We are asking $15,000, and you must pick it up, as is. If interested, contact St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church office at (904) 849-1256 and leave a message, or e-mail Wayne Munson at

The successful conclusion of the “It is in Giving That We Receive” Capital Campaign was celebrated with a dinner for the donors who made it possible to build our beautiful mission church and be debt free.


“There are many on-going activities at St. Francis for which we are forever thankful”.

First, for our many ministries that continue to grow and broaden our impact in the community, just as they should and must.

We are also continually blessed to receive contributions to the build- ing fund. While some of these are for completing pledges, some are new gifts which are also deeply appreciated. The building fund will be used to help pay for approved projects to complete the original building and grounds plan, such as parking and driveways—as

these funds are made available to cover the costs.

If there are to be any new projects proposed, these would neces- sarily draw from new gifts to the building fund and other financial resources, as necessary.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you for your very generous contributions to the building fund! What we have accomplished in a little over three years is a testament to God’s guidance and grace, and to our hard work in bringing to fruition His plan to build a church in Yulee.

It would have been a difficult enough project with just the core faithful who attended Mass at “Yulee United Methodist”. But without doubt, by gaining many new families and greatly increasing participation at Mass in Yulee (made possible through your visible commitment and relevant work) our faith community was able to meet our big financial commitment. And as we grew, adding additional activities, making our ministries vibrant and meaningful, learning to make the best use of our facility, our Lord surely challenged us.

It is no mystery how and why we were able to become debt-free, move into our place of worship and use its facilities in meaningful ways to support our communities. So many times opportunities slide by when the faithful don’t hear, or don’t accept the challenges. For us, through our campaign prayer, we followed our intercessor and model, St. Francis, and when we regularly asked of Our Lord, “to open our hearts to your grace, and our eyes to the needs of our neighbors”, I think we did hear and listen. No, it wasn’t easy sometimes, but all was within our capability because we DID hear.

Working together in committees and groups, we planned, designed, oversaw construction, funded and have now come to make good use of our wonderful building. It is not just our spiritual home, but a practical place from which to continue with our “real mission” – to see, and to try to resolve the needs of our neighbors. Along the way, I hope you discovered (as I did) that we are very purposeful people at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission in Yulee, Florida, who, with God in our minds, hearts and hands, can meet the challenges He gives us to face. We are about to celebrate our second anniversary. Our ministries are now poised to be able to do more with a redirection of our energies from building to creating opportunities to serve. As we continue to attract new families to St. Francis, we will also find new ways to serve, and have more reasons to do so. Our prayer initiatives are strong and fruitful. We meet and have fun. We learn and are properly guided. We support each other. We are a community.

It has been my distinct honor to have been a part of this project alongside you in this community.

For, “It is in giving that we receive.”

Wayne Munson

On behalf of all the Volunteers

The “It is in Giving that We Receive” Capital Campaign

Growing our community and building our place of worship would have been impossible without the help and grace of our patron, St. Francis, to whom we offer our deepest thanks.

The campaign formally launched on October 1, 2014 and formally concluded December 31, 2017.

During the campaign, there were 581 campaign donors who contributed cash and gifts-in-kind of over $2,615,000 against the campaign goal of $2,591,000. (that is — goal plus $24,000).

Of all donors, 202 provided total campaign giving of at least $1,800, and their names are represented on our Giving Tree display in the Narthex.

Early gifts from 43 donors were specifically recognized because their contributions helped finance important, major elements of the facility as well as the liturgical items necessary to conduct and celebrate the Mass and the Rites of the church.

During the campaign, 131 donors made at least one pledge. In the aggregate, pledge makers have fulfilled at more than twice their commitments.

Over 96% 0f all funds raised were spent only on the building and liturgical items. That is in part because the mission office and maintenance staffs and volunteers regularly carried out many supportive tasks.

From July 2014, we were privileged to have 31 members assist with the fundraising process. The fundraising volunteers were campaign contributors in addition to serving as the focal point for many conversations about the St. Francis community.

Because of the talents and hard work of the building committee, led by Ken Shafer, we enjoy our building every day. We are privileged to be able to fill our hall with the work of our many, vital ministries.

Thank you to our donors for all that you have done to follow St. Francis’ example as we “build His church”. With God’s grace and continued hard work, we will keep building St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission in Yulee, Florida.

We are delighted to have seen our community step forward again and again, serving our outreach ministries, and helping fund our activities and building campaign. We are ever closer to completing our goal, but none of this would have been possible without you. From the “Founders” to our recent new members, THANK YOU for what you do! As a reminder, for 2017 tax purposes, if you are considering a year-end charitable contribution to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission, please try to do so no later than December 31st. Also we thank you for completing your building fund pledges during December as we look to conclude our campaign on time.

(Oh, and, there is still room to place your leaf on the Giving Tree with total Campaign giving of at least $1,800)

For details about the Campaign, or how to make your gift, please contact Wayne Munson at:

Thank you, for, “It is in giving that we receive”

As a community, we recently looked back upon our tentative beginnings. Like all growing organizations we have seen our growth in not always predictable spurts. While it has been a long journey from 2007 to now, we are almost at the successful completion of our building campaign. Yes, we looked back a bit and marveled at our progress, but we also took time to see us as of Yoday and note some things we must do, and mused some about the future.

We can appreciate the past, and enjoy the present, but we cannot know the future. That is why it is ever so more encouraging that, as a community, we have continued to grow in membership and in the depth of support.

Thank you, for, “It is in giving that we receive”

We often hear the phrase, “give a proportional amount of your time, talent and treasure” when an organization requests your support for a common charitable goal. For most, this should mean that we are being asked to offer a balanced amount of these precious gifts for an appropriate higher use.

• “Time” to add your thoughts and prayers, and to express your ideas and concerns for our community.

• “Talent”, given by God, to use in resolving a common need or troubling issue.

• “Treasure” to share, to help fund and support a common goal. We make this request with care, and we will neither squander nor minimize these precious gifts in the ebb and flow of parish life. And, when you give to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission – whether for the Campaign or toward weekly stewardship support, or for special intentions, we respect and acknowledge your gift because it is freely given by you.

For details about the Campaign, or how to make your gift, please contact Wayne Munson at: . For, “It is in giving that we receive”. If you would like to discuss automatic payment options for your donations to St. Francis, please see our bookkeeper, Maureen, in the church office during office hours

The St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission in Yulee is truly a special faith-filled community. In the recent, difficult and turbulent days we have journeyed together, our community has not only generously contributed to charities for those who are most in need, but in a true outpouring of self, you have continued to support our own Mission church as well as the capital campaign.

Once again, we learn from nature’s power that much we have and enjoy is but momentarily given. But, we also learn that what we truly have is the spirit of love and the need to cooperate in doing the many things that we do for each other. We continue to grow through your  support.

Thank you for all that
you do!

A member recently asked, “Why should we give to the (St. Francis of Assisi “It is in giving that we receive”) building campaign? Isn’t the
building finished?”

“Why” is one of the most important questions to answer before you make any gift. The appropriate answer starts with you. Perhaps your values are compatible with our mission and you wish to make a gift out of solidarity. We hope that we have earned your trust that we will fulfill the campaign promises. and that is why you will take part in the campaign. One donor when making her early pledge said that, having been fortunate in life, she wanted, “to help make a difference now in the community”. Several donors have made gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved ones. Others have sought to show their leadership, believing it important to make a statement that encourages others to follow their lead. Still others have given quietly and “anonymously”, a request that we have promised to honor.

As with all recognized and properly operating not-for-profit organizations, there may also be a tax-benefit in making a financial contribution. We encourage our donors to consider the potential of a tax-wise gift, even when “doing a good thing”. Regardless of your reasons for contributing, we hope that our answer to the “why question” focuses upon the future of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission community. We believe it is a compelling cause, and that you know we will be respectful and purposeful with your contribution.

Yes, our building is complete and we are using it to its capacity, but we have yet to fully pay for it. We then will have much to do in growing our ministries, and that is another reason “why” it is important for all our community members to be a part of our building campaign.

For, “It is in giving that we receive”.
For details about specific campaign needs, please contact Wayne Munson at:

 “Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car”

Thanks to Deacon Brian for reviving that great G.K. Chesterton quote. As we have often noted, the Catholic Christian community of St. Francis has been built through the efforts of many folks who did more than “stand in the garage”. Your generous offering of time, talent, friendship, and yes, treasure, has built our spiritual home in Yulee. We are also greatly encouraged that many of our newest members have joined in supporting the building campaign and are taking part in our ministries. Thank you, friends, old and new. To successfully complete our Campaign goals, we ask that if you have made a pledge, that you continue to make your pledge payments on time. For those who would like to make their first gift, or for those who wish to make an additional one, please contact Wayne Munson at: fundraising@stfrancisyulee.or or inquire at the Mission office at (904) 849-7554.

One of our members recently remarked,

“It seems like we just moved into our church yesterday, and yet, it seems like we’ve been here for years.” Yes, our building has been in operation for just over a year, but the Catholic community has been around preparing for this for a very long time! So, while we have strengthened our ministries and grown our membership, we continue to plan. Part of that planning is concerned with finishing the Campaign in December (or sooner) and satisfying the construction mortgage as soon as possible. As you may derive from the accompanying Campaign chart and Weekend Collection information, we are getting ever closer to doing both. While several pledges have been completed, thankfully, new ones have been created. The basic construction costs have been paid, and the mortgage balance has been paid-down using the building fund account’s accumulated pledge payments and cash gifts. We will further reduce the mortgage balance using future pledge payments and new cash gifts. If there is any, the remaining balance is a budget-line item to be paid down from the general account, and from any new Campaign gifts until the mortgage is satisfied. When that is done, there will be NO residual debt! To successfully complete our Campaign, we ask that, if you have made a pledge, that you continue to make your pledge payments on time. For those who would like to make their first, or for those who wish to make another gift, please contact Wayne Munson at: Thank you, for, “It is in Giving That We Receive.” 

Gift Designations

Facing the Altar, looking to the right-front corner of St. Francis Hall, you will find the Baptismal Font, Votive Candles and Holy Water receptacle, just three of the many important items used for some of the Rites and rituals of the Church. The Stations of the Cross along the walls remind us of our spiritual foundation in the Passion of our Lord. In addition, the Altar, Ambo and other furniture are important parts of our physical place of worship. The Papal and American flags astride the altar deck visibly frame our commitments to our faith and physical communities. Please take a moment to view the dedications for these gifts and join those donors in their joyful expressions of honor and memory.



Lennon and McCartney wrote: “The long and winding road that leads me to your door, will never disappear. I’ve seen that road before. It leads me to your door.”

At our community meeting Sunday, we talked about future options, including pausing plans for a Sanctuary, finishing our building and, most importantly, to turning more inward to grow our community and ministries. We have traveled our road to “build His CHURCH” since 2006, and it is the right time to take a rest, stop and refresh. When we hit the road, again, it may still be long and winding, but we pray the road will lead us to “His” door.

The gathering’s consensus was to finish our multipurpose building and to fix the property. And, since we are going to be using our current facility as our church for quite a while, there was also consensus to add a covered outdoor pavilion for gatherings. Other issues will surely deserve our attention in the months ahead.

Finally, we are close to completing the Campaign goal. We sincerely request that our pledge makers fulfill their intentions, and that those who have not yet made their building fund gift, to do so. We will be using and enjoying the current facilities for years to come, so let’s do what we must to keep it sufficient to support our liturgies, instruction and community as it was designed to do.

For details about the Campaign, or how to make your gift, please contact Wayne Munson at:

On behalf of our whole community, we again say, “thank you” to all who have joined us on the journey to build our spiritual home. 

The “It is in giving that we receive” capital building campaign began formally on September 1, 2014, and as of August 12th, we have raised almost $2,552,000 toward our campaign goal of $2,591,000.

As a quasi-parish, functioning independently without a sponsoring parish, we receive guidance from the Diocese regarding many of the things we need to do in the building.  On the other hand, we are relatively free to continue to build our faith community.

But we are not a finished product in that we are still growing our ministries and must fully fund our building. In September 2016, Fr. Rafal sent a campaign overview followed by a “specific request” for our members to consider during the final months of the building campaign. The plan was to use the remaining months in the campaign period to raise and obtain at sufficient new gifts to meet our goal. The campaign will conclude on December 31, 2017.

With the help of a faithful and untiring volunteer team, our donors have added over 200,000 in new funding.  Thus, we need to raise about $40,000 in new giving. This means that we must ask some of our members to make their first-time ever campaign gift to help us meet this goal. And, for those who have a current pledge, to faithfully and sacrificially complete your outstanding pledge on time. As of today, there are 35 pledges with a balance of about $70,000 outstanding. We are counting on these to finish our campaign.

As a reminder, when you want to make a building fund gift, please carefully mark your envelopes and checks: “building fund”.

If you have questions about the campaign, please contact Fr. Rafal or Wayne Munson.

Thank you for all you do to meet Christ’s challenge to St. Francis to Build My Church.


For, “It is in giving – that we receive”.

Did you know?

Looking for an easy way to make your Offertory or Building Fund contributions? You can set up your payments through your bank or credit union. It is the same as paying bills online and the check is sent directly to us. This is a free service through your banking institution and, unlike credit card payments, there are no merchant fees! 

Remember to reference your envelope ID and, if it is for Building Fund, please reference this.

All you need to do is set up St. Francis of Assisi as the payee and use our mailing address: 86000 St. Francis Way Yulee, FL 32097.

Why Giving to St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church Yulee is Important

Each of us has expectations bounded by concerns for the future.  Living our spiritual lives as Catholics, we practice our faith and support our fellow travelers on our faith journey in many ways.  Our personal service and time, freely given in support of others, is a time-honored, vital and essential way that we give to our faith community.

We also know that doing good works usually requires financial resources.  Making your financial commitment, to the best of your ability, and in sacrifice completes the giving triad of “time, talent and treasure” we so often hear about.  Giving financially in any one or several ways helps sustain our spiritual programs, ensures consistency for our chosen ministries and charities, as well as presents a clear statement that what we do has strength and purpose.

This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit.

What will the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee do with our gifts?

Each parish must Steward and sustain itself through the generosity of its parishioners.  The parish community is the center of the spiritual life we are called to be a part of.  Practically speaking, it takes money to pay for the same things we all do in our homes, offices and activities.  Providing bread and wine at Mass, just keeping the lights on in the church, insurance, telephones, salaries, and so on, are continuous financial requirements.

We are expected to help support the Catholic School where many of our children do now, or have attended.  St. Michael’s Academy and other Catholic schools are treasured places for our children’s spiritual and academic development, and we are asked to help keep it whole both in our prayers and with our checkbooks.

Each faith community takes on special concerns to help resolve.  Within our Nassau County area, the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee assists with Community Support for Gracie’s Kitchen, the Yulee United Food Bank and Project Isobel.

The decision to extend the influence of the St. Francis of Assisi community Beyond Yulee and Nassau County is a very important one, as well.  We are called to make a difference where we can, and we can do so in other parts of the nation, in other countries needing Christian influence, and in aid of other faith communities wherever they may be.  The Parochial Council, in consultation with the pastor and the Finance Council will consider and offer options for this “mission support” as an extension of the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church faith community to others.  Choosing wisely form many needs enables the community to avoid ad hoc fundraising projects and keeps the community’s focus on sustained giving to the desired and decided purposes.

Finally, the parish is conducting a Capital Building Campaign.  The decision to move from the supportive community of a neighboring church facility to a new multi-purpose church and center has been a monumental task for our small, but growing community.  While we have been in our facility since March 2016, we continue to raise funds to pay off our construction loan. Our goal was to borrow as little money as possible for construction, and to then pay it off as quickly as possible.  Every gift made to the building fund reduces the strain on money coming from weekly operating funds to pay off the loan.  We continue to ask for your generous giving until we no longer need to raise the funds!

How can I give to St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee?

While you may be very familiar with the ways that you might financially support the parish, please take a few moments to read and reflect upon these with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Thank you for all that you do! 


 How to Fund Your Gift to St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee

Traditional Ways to Make a Gift

Most donors make gifts and pledge payments via cash or check in a weekly envelope, through a credit card payment, or automatic bank draft.  Others may wish to take advantage of tax savings that come from giving appreciated stocks, shares of mutual funds or gifts of real property.  A number of Donors contribute gifts-in-kind of materials and equipment necessary to the celebration of the Mass and other Rites.  Gifts-in-Kind may also include such as works of art, antique furnishings or rare books and manuscripts for the library.  It is important to establish an appraised value for Gifts-in-Kind to properly credit the gift for tax reporting purposes.  A growing number of alumni and friends incorporate gifts into their financial and estate plans through planned giving.

Your life feels newly supersized with career responsibilities surging and, perhaps, a young family in the nest. You’re focused on the present, but what would happen to your loved ones if they were faced with your sudden death? Let us help you protect the people and causes you love with your first estate plan.

Give by mail:

 Gifts made by check should be payable to the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee and mailed to:

Gift Processing

St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee

86000 St. Francis Way

Yulee, FL 32097

When making a gift by check, please include a (GIFT FORM) indicating your gift’s purpose (building fund, stewardship, special purpose, etc.)

Give online:

Make a gift online using our confidential and secure (ONLINE GIVING FORM).

The (ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER) program works in cooperation with your bank, similar to automatic teller machines, direct deposit of payroll, Social Security checks, pay-by-phone and other electronic banking services. The transaction is completed without paper handling.  This requires a little coordination between you, your financial institution and the parish, but can provide schedule contributions as well as convenient tax reporting information.

To be a link to whatever

Many companies will match or multiply a donation made to charitable organizations through their Matching Gift Program.  To find out if your company participates in such a program, please ask your human resources department.

Each year, parishioners can express their loyalty to the parish through annual donations, regardless of amount. An annual gift is just as important as the regular contribution of long-time donors because both represent a real commitment to the mission and lifeblood of the parish.

Investing in an Annual Gift allows you to truly make a difference in the lives of the parish right now. Unlike Planned Gifts which provide for long-term planning of funds, Annual Gifts are used in the current operating year, providing discretionary funds for allocation where they are most needed. This kind of flexibility allows the ministries, charities and to maintain their high levels of success.

Your gift today ensures the parish’s success tomorrow. With your support, you can help maintain a standard of excellence.

(MAKE A GIFT ONLINE) or to (PRINT OUT THIS FORM) to mail your gift.

To make your gift by phone, please contact:

Volunteer Fundraising Representative

(904) 849-1256

The links on this page are still being established. Please be patient while we work on them.

Scheduled Giving is sometimes called, “tithing”.

There is a tradition in the church based in Holy Scripture that encourages tithing. Just what is a tithe? It is the fact that what we do with our money shows where our heart is. Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  When we are able to give of our income instead of keeping that money for our own uses, it shows that our heart is tied to God more than to our other things.

The concept of giving back to God is mentioned hundreds of times in both old and new Testaments.  Jesus talks pointedly to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:23, condemning them for tithing (10%) to the very penny but neglecting the more important issues of justice, mercy and faith.  He then goes on to tell them that they should in fact tithe, but that they shouldn’t neglect the more important things. Jesus recognized the importance of keeping the tithe and so should we.

This concept of regular, Scheduled Giving provides the parish with financing for opportunities for spiritual growth and the celebration of the Mass, religious formation and learning as well as personal discovery.  Through Scheduled Giving, the parish can project for, and make available, charitable works and emergency aid.  Helping to ensure a predictable cash-flow enables the parish to meet immediate needs and challenges. Every dollar given through Scheduled Giving shapes the parish’s future.  Accepting the importance of offering Scheduled Gifts – a “tithe” – is important to each of us.  So will be the freely given amount.  Deciding to do this must certainly a matter of household conversation and discernment.

You join other parishioners and friends who support the parish when you (MAKE A GIFT). In this manner individual gifts add up to positively impact yearly operations, providing flexibility that allows the ministries, programs and operations of the parish to maintain their high levels of success.

Many donors are motivated to support a particular ministry or programs with their gifts of support. While unrestricted gifts allow the parish the greatest flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed, donors may designate their gifts to specific ministries or programs within the parish, as outlined below. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact us at (904) 849-7554

Make a Lasting Difference in the Life of the Parish

By making gifts to the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee Foundation, you help the parish continue to provide extraordinary spiritual and community experiences for parishioners. There are many giving options to choose from besides simply writing a check.

This site will help you find a charitable gift that best meets your family’s needs and supports our parish for years to come.

Gifts that are made through the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of St. Augustine can benefit the following areas of the church of North Florida.

  • Parishes
  • Special Projects
  • Ministries
  • Religious Education
  • Faculty Enrichment
  • Equipment & Programs
  • Scholarships
  • Vocations
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministries
  • Human Services and other identified needs

    For Information:


…allow you to gift your appreciated common stock to the parish in three ways: electronically (DTC), physical certificate in donor’s name and physical certificate naming the St. Francis of Assisi-Yulee Foundation.  These will normally not be held, but sold through a broker as received. In general, for tax purposes, the value of the gift will be the average price of the stock price on the day the trade is concluded.

When donors’ securities are held in a brokerage account, we ask you to instruct your broker to transfer the securities to the following Diocese of St. Augustine Foundation account.

For further transfer to the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church-Yulee fill and submit:

Stock Transfer Gift Form




The parish (through the Diocese of St. Augustine) welcomes gifts of appreciated real estate.  Gifting appreciated real estate is an excellent choice for a charitable gift and, in most cases, a donor is entitled to a charitable deduction for the full gross market value of the property. The newly formed St. Francis of Assisi-Yulee Foundation will accept real estate gifts and has adopted certain policies and procedures set by the Diocese of St. Augustine to make the process work smoothly, taking all parties into consideration.

Sub-page: (policy)  (form)

  • (CONTACT US) (from several pages)
  • (Scheduled Giving)
  • (DONATE NOW) (from several pages)
  • (ANNUAL Gifts)
  • Sub-page: (ministries, program, stewardship, building fund, other…TBD)
  • (Planned Giving)
  • (CHECK)
  • (GIFT FORM) (from several pages)
  • (ONLINE GIVING FORM) (from several pages)
  • SUB-PAGE: (form) (stock broker info)
  • (Real Estate)

Getting Started:

Let us help you find gift ideas and estate planning tips most relevant to your stage in life.

Here are practical, simple tips on getting your plans in order to protect your family and support your favorite organizations.

Your life feels newly supersized with career responsibilities surging and, perhaps, a young family in the nest. You’re focused on the present, but what would happen to your loved ones if they were faced with your sudden death? Let us help you protect the people and causes you love with your first estate plan.

With growing children, aging parents and a busy schedule, estate and financial planning can be a challenge. We can help you get your plans in order to protect your family and support your favorite causes.

Retirement is just around the corner—or here! Take steps now to make sure you can thoroughly enjoy the extra time you’ll have to travel and perhaps spend time with your children and grandchildren.

Put your mind at ease by learning how to make your retirement dollars last. Now is the time to be diligent about updating estate plans that put your family first, and talking to your loved ones about your choices.


Outright Gift: Perpetual income, interest income used by parishes, schools and the diocese. This provides you with income tax deductions and no capital gains tax on appreciated gifts.

Bequest by Will: Bequest will be held in perpetuity and invested to fund church needs. This can provide you with a possible estate tax deduction and an opportunity to make a perpetual gift.

Charitable Gift Annuities: Upon the death of the donor or last surviving annuitant, remaining assets generate income for the church. This provides you with a guaranteed fixed income for life, a portion of income tax-free, an income tax deduction and possible reduction of estate taxes.

Insurance Policies: By naming the Catholic Foundation as owner and beneficiary, the foundation receives full face value of the policy upon death of the donor, or may receive current surrender value prior to the donor’s death.

For written materials that fully explain the Methods of Giving to the Catholic Foundation, contact Cliff Evans, Planned Giving Officer at: or call (904) 262-3200, ext. 139.


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