Multi-Purpose Facility:

Our goal, which was inaugurated on Easter 2016, was to organize a Capital Campaign between 2015-2017 to raise $2 million for the the church hall which seats 340 people and serves as a facility for worship purposes, meetings, gatherings, and perpetual adoration.

Mass is offered at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m (Spanish) on Saturday, and at 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. (family) on Sunday. Religious Education from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m began in September 2016.


Close to 100 parishioners turned out for the Town Hall Meeting. Wayne Munson and Bob Eggleston presented a slideshow outlining our current financial status and the feasibility of projects which had been discussed and established in our initial five project plan. Upon the completion and mortgage satisfaction of our current Parish Hall, it was assumed we would move into the next phase of building our Church, Middle School, and rectory. At the meeting we learned that the Diocese has purchased a new tract of land in Wildlight and our future development will be influenced by their decisions regarding the land. We currently do not have sufficient land to build a new church and middle school on the Parish Hall site.  Substantial development is planned in Wildlight  and the Diocese believes that the location will make a Catholic Complex easily available to a greater number of parishioners.  Since there currently are many unknown factors, it was decided by a vote of those present at the meeting to focus on finishing up our current “It is in Giving That You Receive” Capital Campaign and devoting future resources to improvement of our drainage system, parking, and build a pavilion type structure to serve as an outdoor social gathering place for events.


What Are We Going To Build And When? Approximately 80 St. Francis congregants attended the October 22, 2017 meeting regarding this subject.

Following a condensed history and financial performance for St. Francis since our early inception in August 2007 at Yulee United Methodist Church, several facility options were presented and discussed as possible next steps for our Mission Church.

Options included a permanent Sanctuary, an “owned” Priest residence, additional Administration and PRE space, Social Gathering space, and completion of deferred items from our original building project (mainly roadways, parking and drainage).

The potential impact of the Terrapointe Wildlight Development was addressed, and information obtained earlier in the week from the Bishop and Diocesan Leaders was shared. In addition to the previously announced decision to locate an Early Development Center and a Catholic Elementary School in Wildlight, the Diocese has now concluded that they want to build a Sanctuary in Wildlight as well. They are uncertain if an additional Sanctuary will be needed in Yulee, and want to let the demographic growth dictate that decision. Since it would take almost 8 plus years for the current St. Francis community to raise the required 50% down payment for a Sanctuary (assuming that we could continue to duplicate our current Capital Campaign results), it seems prudent to hold off on the decision to locate a Sanctuary on our current property and let the population growth over the next few years guide us here.

With the Sanctuary removed from consideration, the decision about where to locate a permanent Rectory is also in flux. Therefore, the Diocese wants St. Francis to continue to rent appropriate housing for our Pastor, and to remove this from consideration as well.

The Diocesan position is to not construct any additional permanent structures on our current site, but to wait for the population development and growth to help steer future permanent structures on our site. To that end, should additional Administration and/or PRE space needs develop, we will rent portable buildings to meet our needs.

With that information in hand, the meeting attendees reached consensus around the following 3 top priority needs for future facility expenditures:

  1. Construct the paved parking and drainage on the east side of our building (behind the altar/stained glass windows) that was deferred from the original project. This will minimize water intrusion into the building during heavy rains, and provide a solid surface upon which attendees can park and walk.
  2. Construct (after raising funds) a covered outdoor pavilion to facilitate Social Gathering events. The Diocese is okay with a simple structural addition like this.
  3. Install a “millings” roadbed around the east and north sides of the building to provide a more automobile-friendly surface upon which to drive. Some of these projects will require additional funding, and we will apprise you of those needs as both the scope and estimated costs are developed.


Fr. Rafal

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